Ängelholm part of Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen – A Way of Life

Greater Copenhagen is much more than a dot on the map. It is a state of mind and a way of life. It is the Scandinavian spirit – sustainability, creativity, equality, trust and togetherness.

It is where Denmark meets Sweden and Scandinavia meets the world. It is where we cooperate and connect people across sectors, industries, cultures and countries.

Greater Copenhagen is in the soul. It is freedom and happiness. We think new and create smart. Smarter cities, smarter thinking, smarter technologies. It is opportunity and excellence.

Let us introduce you to a different way of life. A life where green is not just a colour, but a mind-set. Where you can ride your bicycle to work, swim in the harbour, eat local organic produce and use the power of nature to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day.

Greater Copenhagen.

Consider yourself invited.


Easy access to 100 million consumers

Greater Copenhagen links continental Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, providing access to a market of 100 million consumers and Scandinavia’s highest density of population and businesses.

Strong infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport has been voted Europe’s best airport five times in the last ten years. Furthermore, harbours, bridges and an integrated railway system facilitate easy supply of goods and services to the Nordic markets.


With 14,000 researchers; 190,000 students; 19 science parks and innovation incubators; and 17 universities and colleges of higher education, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment.

Clean and green

Strong competencies in renewable energy, waste and water management, recycling and upcycling make Greater Copenhagen a frontrunner for green investments and innovation. By 2025, Copenhagen City aims to be the first carbon-neutral capital in the world.

Taste the good life

World famous architecture, historic castles, elegant Scandinavian design, cutting-edge fashion, breath-taking coastal cliffs and Michelin star winning Nordic cuisine. Greater Copenhagen is brimming with sights and experiences for those who appreciate the good life.

A great place to live

Greater Copenhagen has it all: Copenhagen City – a trendy, vibrant metropolis – miles of white beaches and numerous small family-friendly towns within short distances of, and easy access to, the city. Greater Copenhagen offers high living standards, a unique work-life balance and opportunities for the entire family.

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