Ängelholm part of Family Helsingborg

The family Helsingborg is a collaboration between the municipalities of Bjuv, Bastad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Klippan, Landskrona, Perstorp, Svalöv, Åstorp, Ängelholm and Örkelljunga. On these pages we have gathered information on family Helsingborg.

Mission statement

The purpose of our work is to pursue common issues that benefit the region. Our mission is to partner for growth, efficiency and development in the municipalities.


Our vision is that the family Helsingborg in 2020 is perceived as a cohesive city and is one of Northern Europe’s most creative and inclusive regions.

Areas of cooperation

Within the family Helsingborg we work in 40 different areas. We work including infrastructure, business, learning, openness and inclusion and the environment. Other areas include urban planning, social services, housing, security, culture, emergency services and HR. The cooperation is carried out in a network with representatives from the municipalities.